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Dear guests,

We would like to inform you that we are closed from December 28th till January 2nd. We would like to wish you all a great end of 2016 and an even better start of the new year!

Warm regards,

Team At Sea.



Bonaire Blond

Restaurant At Sea is proud to announce it’s first own beer, Bonaire Blond! A refreshing and tasteful Pale Beer with hints of Lime and aloë vera from the local Onima plantation on Bonaire!

With a double fermentation proces in the brewing and an extra fermentation on the bottle this beer is full of character!



The Perfect Cocktail

The Perfect Cocktail

The taste of Bonaire

We are proud to announce that Jay Frans, Bartender at Restaurant At Sea has won the bartender competition ‘Taste of Bonaire’ for the second time in a row!

With this titel he is not only the BEST bartender of the Island but also has the opportunity to compete for the titel of ‘Best bartender of the Caribbean’  at the ‘taste of the Caribbean’

Jay cocktail 2

Jay cocktail 1

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Jeunes Restaurateurs D’europe

Jeunes Restaurateurs D’europe

We are proud to announce that Restaurant At Sea has become a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs D’europe!

Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) is an association of young restaurateurs. They have in common that they want to share their talent and passion for the profession with each other. In total there are more than 340 restaurants and 160 hotels in Europe, spread over 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. In 2008 Australia also joined in. The chefs of JRE combine high-quality culinary craftsmanship with passion for the European gastronomy and the local traditions and produce. As no other they are versed in the innovative and inventive art of cooking, without losing track of the culinary inheritance.

In addition the JRE restaurants distinguish themselves when it comes to location, interior, scenery and service. Membership of JRE is open to young restaurateurs up to the age of 42. Members who have reached the age of 50 are appointed as honorary members, recognizable by the designation ‘Table d’Honneur’.


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A Royal Dinner

A Royal Dinner

Restaurant At Sea kooks for King & Queen.

Restaurant At Sea Bonaire has prepared the dinner for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima on the 30th of April. The Royal couple visited Bonaire for 2 days to attend the festivities on Dia de Rincon. The visit ended with a private dinner at the gezaghebbers home.

Chef Rick van den Broek and hostess Kim van Dijk served a menu that existed exclusively out of local products. The herbs and vegetables came from Krusada, meat and dairy from Aletta’s Semper Kontentu goat farm and of cours fish from the Caribbean Sea.

Royal dinner